My little bit of heaven on earth…

I am in the place that is one of my absolute favorites…the mountains of North Carolina, between Blowing Rock and Boone.  There used to be a summer camp here, named Camp Yonahlossee, that operated for many, many years… it closed down in the early 1980’s, when it was bought out by the people who developed the area as a resort…

The developers of the resort were sensitive to the fact that many of the people who had been a part of the camp, either as a camper, or as staff, or in some cases, as both, really loved the camp and the area… so they named the resort area with the camp’s name, and when several years back, some of the “campers” who had kept in touch with each other, decided to see who else they could find, and then began to have reunions from time to time, the people who ran the resort welcomed the former campers and staff with open arms…

I was one of the camp counselors for a few years, and I am here this weekend for a reunion…  why is this one of my favorite places to be?  I love this place for it’s beauty as well as it’s quietness, sense of peace, and timelessness…   and in this area of North Carolina, there is a scent in the air that I have found in no other place… I can only describe it as a gentle scent of sweet earthiness…

Being here restores and rejuvenates my spirit and soul…   I am blessed!!

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