About this Blog

I’m not sure what it is about blogging that interests me…  I have three other “active” blogs, but still I am starting a new one… this blog.  I originally was thinking that I might use it to post creative writings – short stories or poems, but real life can be so much more interesting… at least more interesting than stories or poems I might create.

So I think I will use it to share “life stories”… whether my own, or stories of people who I know or have met (with their permission of course)…    and occasionally I might still share some creative writings…

I don’t know where this will lead… don’t know if many people will read this blog (so far, with my other ones, it has been kind of hit or miss as far as numbers of readers)… and over time the blog may change – become more focused or more broad in its scope… or sometime in the future, I might eventually abandon it altogether…

But for now, I introduce “Stories from Life”…


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