Been “Bugged” Lately?

A friend of mine posted this on FaceBook.  It was shared as an example of something humorous that happened to her as the pastor of her church during one of their services.  As this is a blog dedicated to sharing peoples’ varied stories and experiences, I asked if I might share this one, and Sarah agreed.  Here in her words, Sarah recounts this “perilous” and funny experience:

“I served the cup for communion today. Just as communion was beginning, and I was standing in front of hundreds of people, a small bug flew up my nose. Looking at all those people in line, I didn’t know what to do! My nose itched and burned something fierce. The perils of the pastorate”.

Being a pastor does have its hazards… some that are even funny!  I can tell you that I would have had a hard time maintaining my composure and not sneezing furiously into the communion cup and over all the people in front of me…  Sarah, I applaud you!!

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